I mostly write about my experiences in the wild and about my journeys. But it is not restricted to just that, I pretty much write about anything and everything that interests me. It’s gonna interest you as well, I’m sure!

Are Forest fires really bad?

Forest fires are horrible, they totally disrupt the ecosystem and all the life there- this is what we’ve been seeing in the news and learning since our childhood. Is this entirely true though? Or is it just a misunderstanding?

Savannahs, in India?

What if I told you that like Africa, Savannahs are majorly found in India as well? Sounds crazy, right? However, it’s actually true…

Not an Ordinary Kitten

A small Rescue Operation of a RARE, cute little mammal that we carried out at the heart of Pune City. Talking about the rarest sightings at Vetal Tekdi and connecting Pune Hills.

The Rescue Mission

An unexpected and a totally rare sighting and rescue operation of a huge 800 kgs Indian Gaur in the heart of Pune City…

Baby’s Day Out

This bird was literally having his Baby’s Day out moment. Read about it in the blog 🙂 Summer 2020 is over and the monsoon has arrived. Still no sign of Covid-19 leaving us. I think it’s just the new way of life now, we’ll have to live with it. The lockdown eased up for aContinue reading “Baby’s Day Out”

Hiking in the Western Ghats

Taking you on a journey to a magical place in the famous Western Ghats, right next to one of the most urban cities of India…


A snake brushed past me while I was watching some birds in a total panic mode because of…

The Invisible Bird

It’s there right in front of you but you won’t see it. The Invisible Bird. A childhood dream sighting.

Birding in The Valley: Part 2

The third and the last blog from the tri-series where I take you on an adventure to find wildlife in the forests of The Valley.

Birding in The Valley: Part 1

A continuation of my previous blog, ‘The Valley’. Here I talk about going on an exciting adventure and finding wildlife in the forests of The Valley.

The Valley

The Valley, as it is popularly known as, one of my most favourite natural spots around Pune city for an outing, for wildlife and photography.

Call of The Wild

My experience in a dense forest at night when I witnessed the howling of a pack of 14 Indian Grey Wolves. Video attached.

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